Spotted Dove

Spotted Dove - Streptopelia chinensis


Templestowe: 2016:  September, October. 2017:  January.
Wilson Reserve, East Ivanhoe:  2016:  September, November. 2017:  January.
Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster:  2016:  October, November.
Westerfolds Park, Templestowe:  2016:  October.
Glynn's Reserve, Warrandyte:  2016:  October.
East Doncaster:  2016:  October, November.
Banyule Flats:  2016:  November.
The 100 Acres, Parch Orchards:  2017:  January.


An introduced species which is widespread around Melbourne.  Their call carries.  They spend much of their time on the ground, and are wary generally.

They perform display flights at times, and one was done today, 24.10.2016.

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