Royal Penguin

Royal Penguin - Eudyptes schlegeli 


Macquarie Island:  2011:  November.


Only found on Macquarie Island basically.  They nest there in close proximity to each other.

Although this image shows a peaceful scene, they can be involved in territorial scraps.

This one seemed to be gathering a pebble, maybe to take to a nest.

They spend most of their lives at sea, coming ashore to breed and probably moult.

Interactions seemed to be common.

Sometimes they continued in the sea,


with bystanders getting involved too!

They also have their more tender moments, engaging in mutual preening.

They have their quiet moments too, with this pair snoozing, possibly from the warmth of the day which was hot by Macquarie standards, 6C,

so there's nothing like a dip in the cold Southern Ocean waters to refresh them!

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