Wedge-tailed Eagle

Wedge-tailed Eagle - Aquila audax


Near Tibooburra, N.S.W.: July 2014.
Towards Leigh Creek, S.A.: July 2014.
Templestowe: 2016: September, October, November.


Our largest bird of prey, and often seen feeding on roadkill on outback roads particularly, and are sometimes killed themselves in the process as they are such a big bird they need time to take off.

All the birds shown are all immature birds.   The older they become, the darker they become.

This young one had definite character!

They are a magnificent bird to see, whether perched or soaring on thermals looking for prey.

The two young birds above are practising their flight skills which would be necessary in maintaining a territory and mate.

They are regularly attacked by other birds, notably Australian Magpies and corvids, usually escaping by soaring higher and higher!

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