Little Raven

Little Raven - Corvus mellori


Westerfolds Park, Templestowe:  2016:  October.
East Doncaster:  2016:  October, November, December.
Templestowe:  2016:  October, November.
Glynn's Reserve, Warrandyte:  2016:  October.
Banyule Flats:  2016:  November.
Wilson Reserve, Ivanhoe:  2016:  November.
The 100 Acres, Park Orchards:  2016:  November.  2017:  January.
Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster:  2016:  November.
Pound Bend, Warrandyte State Park:  2017:  January.
Heritage Wetlands, Wonga Park:  2017:  January.


The common Raven around Melbourne. Often in groups or flocks.   Adults have a white eye and immature birds a brown one.

It does not have the throat hackles (feathers) or the large bill that Australian Ravens have.

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