Grey Fantail

Grey Fantail - Rhipidura albiscarpa


Warrandyte State Park Pound Bend section:  2016:  August.
Templestowe, 2016:  September, October, November, December.  2017:  January.
The 100 Acres, Park Orchards, 2016:  September, October, November.  2017:  January.
Glynn's Reserve, Warrandyte:  2016:  September.
Banyule Flats, 2016:  September, October, November.
Toolangi:  2016:  September.
Wilson Reserve, East Doncaster:  2016:  September, November.  2017:  January.
Heritage Wetlands, Wonga Park:  2017:  January.


Very active small bird with a tail which it fans.   Seen bathing in a small puddle on the track with an Eastern Yellow Robin for a few moments. They seem to be sedentary. They are often found near water and in cooler areas.

Their facial markings make them easy to identify.

They like to have a bath, vigorously!

Small, but fledged young seen 10.1.2017.

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