Tawny Frogmouth

Tawny Frogmouth - Podargus strigoides


East Doncaster: 2016:  September, October, November, December.  2017:  January.
Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster: 2016:  October.
Banyule Flats: 2016: October, November.
Glynn's Reserve, Warrandyte:  2016:  October.
Templestowe:  2016:  November, November.


A species that seems to have adapted fairly well to sharing the environment with people!  The nest is minimalist!  Apparently the female is browner and less marbled so would be the above bird of the pair, and sits on the nest at night.   The male of the pair with the chick on the nest in the daytime.  They've used plastic rubbish in their nest and have used this one for a second year.

They are known for assuming a "dead stump" pose if disturbed, which can make them difficult to spot, especially if perched on a dead limb.

From a third nest, there are 2 chicks, although only one is really visible.

Camouflage is a way of remaining undisturbed.

Young ones are curious though!

Tawnies do have a large gape, with this one yawning in the late morning when it should have been asleep.


  1. Great deals on birds! They have a fine protective color. Greetings

    1. They do have great colouring for being hidden!